How Small Business IT Support Works

Making IT simple


A reliable IT system can provide your company a strong advantage over the competition. We understand that managing IT issues takes a broad range of skills and experience, which is why we stay up to do date with the latest technologies and have talented engineers. We can provide comprehensive support for almost all desktop software applications, servers, hardware devices, printers, routers, and wireless modems.

1. Technologies that are right for you

We start by determining which technologies, (applications, hardware, or service) to incorporate into your business. Manufacturers and large vendors may hype their technology to run your business, but we know what will be the best for your specific needs while keeping budget in mind.

2. Experts at ThyMedia

We have over 5 years of experience in supporting and maintaining IT networks for small businesses. We have assisted many clients with Windows, Macintosh and Android platforms.  We also understand that many industries have their own applications to manage their business. If we are not familiar a specific solution we work with qualified partners who are.

3. Security Solutions

After learning about your company we will implement specific levels of IT security to protect your network, data, and its users. We will also set up company wide backup solutions as part of your new security strategy.

4. Boost your business with mobile technologies

Mobile technologies are the wave of the future.  Mobility solutions give flexibility to your employees and can enhance work productivity. We can help you expand your mobile solutions with remote control solutions that cover across time zones and geographic boundaries.