ThyMedia employs experienced web designers and developers that make online marketing simple, effective, and fun.



From start to finish every decision we make leverages industry best practices and next generation thinking. 



We have an experienced team capable of a wide variety of online marketing projects.


We strive to understand our customers’ needs because customer satisfaction is our highest priority  

One-of-a-kind Web/Mobile site Design


Our design team is highly qualified and will provide you with the website of your dreams. We understand that every business is unique which is why we create our websites based off your core business needs. When creating websites we will work closely with you to develop an innovative website that is creative, visually pleasing, and has an intuitive user interface. No one knows your business better than you, however, after joining our team no one will understand your website needs better than us.

a ThyMedia web/Moible site will get you:

  • Our websites have a ~19% higher than average click through rate

  • Our websites have more, "time on site" than industry average

  • We do NOT work from templates which means every website we make is one of a kind

  • We will introduce your business to its target market providing instant results

  • Original branding catered to your industry

  • Search engine friendly code

  • Monthly reports with statistics on website performance

to get you therE We will provide:

  • Comprehensive website audit of existing website, (if applicable)

  • User friendly interactive elements & easy to follow navigation

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • 24/7 Maintenance and Monitoring

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, such as Salesforce

  • CMS (Contents Management Solutions) tools, such as Joomla

  • A top quality design & operations team


Time to Get Creative


A strong memorable brand is vital in today’s digital age and you only have one chance to get it right. Whether you are starting a new company or looking for a refresh to your existing brand we can help. Here are some of the design areas that we specialize: 

  • Logos / Theme / Brand Guideline / Persona Design
  • Icons /Favicons / Mini Icons
  • Images / Graphics / Photographs / Illustrations
  • Slogans / Taglines / Mission, Vision, Value Statements
  • Flyers / Brochures / Catalogs / Sales sheets / Collaterals
  • Booklets / Business Cards / Letterhead / Menus / Newsletters

Maximize Your Marketing spend


We provide industry leading online marketing solution based on SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC, (Pay Per Click). All our SEO and PPC services come with monthly reports, (Google Analytics) so you can see exactly where and how your marketing dollars are working for you. Our online marketing experts are all highly qualified and will get you the most out of your marketing spend.

Digital Marketing from ThyMedia WIll get you:

  • Lower cost per acquisition and a boost in your ROI

  • An average of ~22% decrease in your cost per acquisition

  • Dramatic increase in your search engine rankings

  • Be in front of customers who are ready to buy

  • Reduction of wasted advertising spend

  • Monthly reports on results

 to get you there THYMEDIA WILL PROVIDE:

  • 50-300 professionally selected keywords

  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing sponsored links

  • Local area search in Google Maps & Apple Maps

  • 48-Hour guaranteed listings

  • Hand selected search engine submissions

  • Dedicated Project Manager


Streamline Company Communication and Collaboration


Setting your company up with Google Applications helps streamline your business by putting everyone on the same communication network. Your company will have its own intranet site hosted by Google where everyone in the company will go to access Google Applications. Get ready to enjoy the many benefits of Google including; Gmail (with company specific email address), Google Hangout, Google Drive, Google Calendars, and much more.

Google Apps from ThyMedia will get you:

  • Gmail: Unlimited user accounts, company personalized emails
  • Google Calendar: Share calendars, scheduled meetings, see co-workers availability, etc.
  • Google Drive: Share and collaborate real time with Google Docs, (similar to Word, Excel, & PPT)
  • Google Hangout:  For live video online conferencing
  • Google Site: Department Intranet, (place for departments. to share information, documentation, etc)
  • DNS, CNAME, MX records from your domain to use Google Apps

to get you there THYMEDIA WILL PROVIDE :

  • A super quick setup customized to your companies specific needs
  • Training for your employees on how to use Google Applications
  • Online help sessions so your company can utilize the many benefits of Google Apps
  • A dedicated Google Apps expert for each account
  • Most up to date Google Apps to ensure your company one step ahead of its competition
  • Set up Smart Phones for access to your Google Apps

IT Support for Your Growing Business


ThyMedia can help your business succeed by supporting and managing your IT systems. In today’s high tech world information technology plays a challenging yet important role in improving your bottom line. ThyMedia offers a wide range of technology services that can help you address these challenges.  Our goal is to enhance your company’s operational efficiency at the lowest cost possible.


simplify Your IT Challenges with ThyMedia:

  • Department intranet setup
  • IT planning without hiring internal resources
  • Data security and storage support
  • Complying with regulations
  • Data migration services
  • Multimedia management

Technologies Supported by ThyMedia:

  • Comprehensive IT audit of existing infrastructure
  • Windows Server / Mac Mini Server / Exchange Server
  • File & Print, Desktop Support, and PC Management
  • Internet Information Services
  • Microsoft Small Business Pack
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Remote Access Services
  • Virtual Private Network